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Stewart Esposito is a consultant to business executives on leadership, executive team building and partnering for the future.  His areas of focus and expertise are in strategic visioning and designing interventions as well as breakthrough initiatives and coaching for exceptional performance.

Stewart engages with senior management to turn operational and cultural problems into opportunities for profit enhancement.  This process includes designing and implementing strategic initiatives and operational plans, conducting domestic and international interventions, and helping business leaders invent future possibilities and take them into action.  In addition to custom designing programs, Stewart modifies his existing programs, The Quantum Leap/, Transcending Stress, Calling Forth Leadership In Action and Coaching For Results to fulfill the needs of his clients. Most recently Stewart has co-designed with a former Navy SEAL Commander a program that decodes the Core Drivers of being a Navy SEAL for business people.

Stewart's experience includes 32 years of progressive leadership and management responsibility.  As CEO of a 38 million-dollar international education company with 300 employees, he designed and implemented strategic plans and breakthrough initiatives.  Stewart has also served as COO and Executive Committee member in charge of faculty, curriculum quality and course presentation as well as lectured on organizational development and employee potential.  He has consulted with over 40 companies on strategic visioning and inventing new futures.  Some of the companies in which he has worked include IBM, Derlan Industries, MTV, Discovery Communications, Engelhard Corporation, Lucent Technologies, AT&T, EMCO Limited, Shiva, CMP, BARCO, Witco Corp, Masco and Masco Tech Corporations, INCO, Alyeska, San Diego State University, National Oilwell, PeopleMatter, The Schott Foundation, NetSolve, Enchantment Resort/Miiamo Destination Spa, CORESTAFF Services as well as consulting and professional firms such as Barry Morguelan MD, PC, Change Management Associates and Sports Mind. 


Stewart founded The Leadership Center to bring the message and teach the skills necessary for each and every company employee to do their job with the mindset and  skill set that an effective leader would bring to being the CEO of that company.

Stewart graduated from Cornell University with an AB in Economics.  He is committed to building a paradigm for doing business successfully that relies on relationship, partnership and leadership.  As part of his strategic visioning practice, Stewart also conducts a workshop called Caring for the Corporate Couple, which addresses the hidden social costs of change programs and guides participants to new possibilities through studying and engaging effective communication and relationship practices. The workshop is designed to help couples facing the stresses of today's challenging corporate environment recover, maintain and enhance closeness in their relationship.

Stewart lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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